Fair and impartial legal neutrals available from Signature Resolution for your mediation and arbitration needs.

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Signature Resolution has neutrals for mediation purposes such as the Hon. James A. Steele ready to help.


Judges Think Differently

Hon. James A. Steele (Ret.)

February 01, 2024 - LOS ANGELES LAWYER FEBRUARY 2024 12 R IC H A R D EW IN G tion of an otherwise “nor- mal” brain into an “Abby Normal” one? Why do judges an...

Signature Resolution has legal minds such as the Hon. Thomas T. Lewis to mediate and arbitrate legal disputes and conflicts.

Neutral Spotlight

It Ain’t Me

Hon. Thomas T. Lewis (Ret.)

September 01, 2012 - September 2012 /$4 EARN MCLE CREDIT PLUS Corporate Counsel’s Guide to California Attorneys It Ain’t Me Payments to Fact Witnesses page 31 ...