Harold G. Becks


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"In my four-decade legal journey, I've represented a diverse range of cases and clients, from catastrophic injuries to Fortune 500 companies. Joining Signature Resolution as a neutral allows me to apply my courtroom expertise to facilitate amicable resolutions. I believe in the power of mediation to preserve relationships and mitigate the toll of litigation. I'm committed to guiding parties through this process with dedication and integrity. I look forward to guiding parties through this process with the same dedication and integrity that has defined my legal career."

Case Administrator

Practice Areas

  • Civil Law
  • Insurance
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Police Misconduct ​
  • Product Liability


  • J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School 
  • B.A., Stanford University 


Harold G. Becks brings over four decades of litigation and mediation experience as a civil defense lawyer to Signature Resolution’s panel of neutrals.​​

A seasoned legal professional with over four decades of experience, Becks embarked on his journey in the legal profession, driven by a passion for debate, analysis, and human interaction. His decision to become a lawyer was rooted in his junior high days, where he found himself drawn to the intricacies of the law and the potential to affect meaningful change.​

Becks graduated with a BA in political science and a minor in economics from Stanford University. There, he honed his skills in critical thinking and broad-based analysis, laying the foundation for his future endeavors in the legal arena. Continuing his academic pursuits, Becks earned his juris doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, further solidifying his legal education. ​

Becks began his legal career in the Los Angeles County Counsel’s office, where he specialized in civil litigation. His ambition and expertise quickly propelled him to establish his own law firm, focusing on representing Fortune 500 companies, a testament to his proficiency and dedication to the field. This endeavor laid the groundwork for what would become Harold Becks & Associates. For the past three decades, the firm has carved out a niche in defensive civil litigation while also taking on select plaintiff cases in personal injury and Civil Rights matters, demonstrating a commitment to justice and legal excellence. In the 1980’s, he was also personal counsel for Tom Bradley, the mayor of Los Angeles.​

Throughout his illustrious career, Becks has specialized in personal injury law, medical malpractice, and police misconduct litigation. His extensive trial experience includes representing notable entities such as the County of Los Angeles, Pacific Bell Telephone, and Fortune 500 companies like General Motors, Amtrak, and DuPont. Additionally, he has represented various insurers, including the Automobile Club of Southern California. ​

​With over 100 civil jury cases tried in the Superior and Federal Courts of California, Becks has established himself as a formidable presence in the legal community. His litigation experience includes catastrophic injuries and wrongful death cases. ​

Known for his ability to read people, think on his feet, and bring parties together for resolution, Becks embodies the qualities of a seasoned litigator. His deep understanding of the value of each case, coupled with his empathetic approach towards all parties involved, sets him apart in his field.​

Among his notable cases are several catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, as well as his representation of police departments in excessive force allegations. These cases, marked by their dramatic nature and high stakes, underscore Becks’ unwavering commitment to justice and his ability to navigate complex legal issues with empathy and integrity.​​

In his new role as a mediator, Becks is poised to bring his wealth of experience and expertise to facilitate amicable resolutions in contentious disputes. Drawing from his extensive background as a trial lawyer, Becks understands the frustration of parties who are unable to reach a final resolution after investing time and resources into mediation sessions. With a firm belief in the pivotal moment where parties must confront their realities and weigh the costs of prolonged litigation, Becks is dedicated to guiding them toward timely and satisfactory resolutions.​

Key to Becks’ approach as a mediator is his emphasis on active listening and empathy. Recognizing that parties enter mediation with underlying anxieties akin to those experienced in court, Becks prioritizes creating a supportive environment where each party feels heard and respected. Becks lays the groundwork for constructive dialogue and progress toward resolution by allowing individuals to express their perspectives without interruption.


  • Attorney, Harold Becks & Associates 
  • Personal Counsel, Former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley  

Professional Achievements and Memberships

  • In 1993, Harold Becks & Associates’ law firm was selected by Black Enterprise Magazine as one of the 10 leading Black law firms in the United States performing civil litigation.